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Beyond the Unknown

Finding out what's real

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I like very hard music, like Staind, Audioslave, Fear Before the March of Flames, Thrice, and all that shit. I love to go to rock shows and proudly hold up my "ROCK ON" sign! Music is my life, either playing or listening. I'm probably going to sing in the church choir too, I used to go to music camp as a boy. I like to bicycle and eat. Eating over bicycling.

I like a little screaming in my music, I'm not a hippie like some people.
I just like the Genre called "Hard" Rock. I'm just your average rocker, I like to air-mosh to my 500W stereo. In other words, its VERY loud. Bought it for Xmas.

I go to a University and am studying to be a Safety Coordinator/Engineer. Whoopee for me.

I used to play piano and tuba. I got really advanced at both. I understood music and how it worked. But after I got out of high school, I let up because it wasn't required. I'll probably get back into it, I just gotta get the will power to.

I'm 21, and I go to church.